Traders who sign up with ZuluTrade to provide their services are compensated by ZuluTrade. ZuluTrade may share a user’s data with its affiliates for business purposes, but it doesn’t disclose information to third parties not described within its policy. Furthermore, the usability of the MT4 platform also ranks very zulutrade review highly. Although obviously not developed by ZuluTrade, you will ultimately be linking your own MT4 account with your ZuluTrade account, so it is worth bearing in mind their compatibility. Thankfully, we can report that both the MT4 and ZuluTrade platforms are fully integrated and work seamlessly with each other.

Users can contact the support team via email, live chat, phone or social media. The Zulutrade team is highly responsive and knowledgeable about the platform’s features and services. The platform also provides advanced analytics and trading tools that help users identify opportunities in the markets.

ZuluTrade Review – Trading Accounts

You can even start on a demo trading account to begin with free of charge. With ZuluTrade, you can view the performance of talented traders from 192 countries and follow their forex trading signals on your own trading account. You can combine the trader’s signals to create your own diversified trading portfolio which can help to optimize your overall trading performance. This website contains detailed information on crypto currencies, forex, contracts for difference (CFDs), stocks, commodities and indices.

Generally speaking, we were quite impressed with the fee structures that ZuluTrade has in place. ZuluTrade is very transparent about its pricing structure, which makes it easy to figure out in advance how much it will cost you to use the platform. With that said, ZuluTrade is one of the few players that have been on the scene for quite some time. Since being founded in 2007 by Leon Yohai, ZuluTrade has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

ZuluTrade vs other brokerage firms

Additionally, ZuluTrade offers a Trader Guide to its users to help them better understand the process. Also, there are free knowledgeable articles and blogs that you can read and get insights from. They can be contacted through this live chat service on the broker’s website, email, or a selection of 8 different phone numbers depending on your location around the world. These include numbers in the UK, Russia, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, and Australia. This range of transparent information both makes the broker easy to use, and trustworthy for the many followers who use their service. If you are investing then it should not really make a huge difference unless you want to follow specific traders, as the most important point of focus will be that the traders are producing results.

Beyond this, a number of different tools and features are integrated into the ZuluTrade platform. These include social charts, combos, TradeWall, economic calendars, ZuluTrade Automator tool, and various forex specific tools. As one of the fastest-growing financial markets, there has been a significant amount of interest in cryptocurrency trading over the last year. Most brokers have a minimum deposit of $10 but you may need more in order to get started copy trading.

These elements significantly contribute to improving the overall trading experience. To make wise selections, one can use these analytics and platform functionalities. Investors get access to all relevant data required to understand price changes.

What Platforms Does ZuluTrade offer?

Again back to the broker you choose to connect with Zulutrade, but the answer is the same. Usually, the very same methods you use to make a deposit, will also be available to withdraw. Furthermore, you should also check with your broker on any withdrawal fees that may be in place. The first popular Zulutrade account type choice we will look at is the ZuluTrade account.

ZuluTrade Review – Mobile App

Furthermore, Zulutrade has been praised by numerous online reviewers for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive educational library. The minimum deposit for Zulutrade is $500 and the maximum is $25,000. The platform also offers a “Demo” account that allows users to try out the platform before committing to their funds. Given the significant unpredictable nature of online assets, portfolio diversification is essential.

If you have a network of contacts you can bring to the platform, this is a great way of creating an extra income stream. Of all the partnership schemes that we have looked at over the years, ZuluTrade’s has the advantage of being incredibly well integrated into the platform as a whole. Additionally, ZuluTrade has dedicated technical support designed to help you through the set-up process. This depends and the traders on the platform are changing all the time. You quite often get traders that have a lot of success (very high profits) very quickly but they don’t last long.

The TradeWall provides you with a live feed of ZuluTrade’s trading activity. I like how this shows which assets are being traded, prices, times and order status. There is also a market sentiment tool that shows which assets were selected by ZuluTraders and investors during the last 4 hours.

ZuluGuard includes capital protection, single trade protection and max open trades protection. You may also wish to consider the time of day the forex trader signals occur as spreads can widen pre-Asian session and during news releases. After you have tested the possibilities, you can choose to follow other providers with real money. To do this, you need to link your ZuluTrade account with a broker.

What is ZuluTrade? is appealing to leaders and investors of any skill level, as evident by its increasing number of users. It’s important to note that profits can be lost as fast as they are gained, so having an effective strategy and money management system is crucial. You can check your performance, see new leaders to copy, and manually close trades on the app. You can choose to be a leader or a trader from your same linked trading account on the platform. By choosing to be a leader, you make your account public and you start earning rewards when another trader copies your signals. ZuluTrade is one of the most comprehensive, and well established copy trading platforms in the industry.

There are two kinds of live accounts available when working with ZuluTrade. This could be specially favorable guidance for brand new, or even more in experienced traders. If you’re not sure whether this is the platform for you, we highly recommend opening a demo account to test the platform before trading with real money. Fortunately, the same isn’t true for demo accounts; a user can open up to 10 demo accounts without ever needing to pay a deposit. ZuluTrade Social—the social element of the platform—allows you to view the actions of other traders, which can be an invaluable tool while trying to decide which trader(s) to follow. ZuluTrade works with over 50 forex brokers worldwide so you will not be short of options on which forex broker to use if you are not using one of their recommended brokers already.

In this extensive review we explain if ZuluTrade is a good investment platform. All the people would be millionaires and nobody would have to work anymore. Therefore you need to choose the trader according to your needs and financial goals.

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